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Punat on the Island of Krk: history, beaches, hiking, active vacation, Island of Košljun, accommodation

Punat is located in one of the most sheltered bays of the Adriatic Sea, on the western coast of the island of Krk, only 8 km from the town of Krk. The first mention of Punat in a written source dates back to 1377, and the then village was probably named after the ancient bridge (pons) which, according to belief, connected Punat and the Prniba peninsula, a green oasis for active holidays, at the narrow entrance to Punat Bay. It is assumed that there was an older settlement in Punat Bay during Illyrian and Roman times. 

Punat is known for its long tradition of olive growing, and aside from the extra virgin olive oil, one can take an enjoyable walk on the marked hiking trails passing through the centuries-old, well-tended olive groves and participate in specially organized olive harvesting. 

The enduring tradition of shipbuilding in Punat is also worth mentioning. In the past Punat was the home of a steamship company and today a shipyard operates in Marina Punat, the oldest marina on the Adriatic Coast. Punat Marina was founded in 1964, and today it has 850 marina-type berths and an additional 500 dry berths and is very popular among boaters. 

Punat attracts numerous guests with its beautiful, well-kept, mostly pebbly and partly paved beaches which offer a true abundance of recreational activities and facilities like sailing, diving, water skiing, surfing, tennis, water slides, a miniature golf course, beach volleyball, table tennis, jet skis, parachuting, etc. There is also a 3.5 km long seafront promenade, ideal for hiking and cycling. A ski lift facility is located in Punat Bay, which is a very popular surfing location. Many summer events and folk festivals take place in Punat, and visitors can indulge in a rich tourist and gastronomic offer. 

In the embrace of Punat Bay lies the islet of Košljun with a Franciscan monastery dating to 1447. The island is a unique oasis of serenity and untouched nature. The island's surface area of 68 square meters is the home to 540 registered plant and mushroom species. With a rich religious heritage, Košljun thrills its visitors with an astounding sacral and ethnographic collection. Little boats connect Košljun and Punat, and various other interesting boat trips are on offer. 

Only 9 km from Punat, you can visit the village of Stara Baška. There is an interesting panoramic road from Punat to Stara Baška notable for its interesting stone graffiti and beautiful beaches, which attract many swimmers from all over the island. 

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