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Active vacation on the island of Krk

We will gladly help You to form Your vacations according to Your wishes and inclinations. We prepared several suggestions for Your active vacation.

Beaches in Vrbnik

Here we bring you descriptions of some nice beaches in Vrbnik and surroundings. You will find a good overview of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk here: https://enjoykrk.com/en/krk-beaches

  • The main town beach in Vrbnik is called Zgribnica. Zgribnica is a pebble beach in a cove 10 minutes walk from the center of Vrbnik. There is a catering establishment with an offer of drinks, ice-cream, and food (grill). The beach has a toilet, a shower and there is a possibility of renting parasols, sunbeds and pedal-boats. Pets are not allowed on the beach.
  • There is another lovely beach we would like to recommend to our guests – Kozica. Kozica is a small pebble and rock beach situated in a small cove hidden in a pine grove, 10 minutes walk from Zgribnica beach and 15 minutes walk from the center. A nice stroll through the pine grove, starting from the topmost part of Vajavina car park (in the end of Supec street, just above Zgribnica) will take you there.
  • There is another small beach beneath high rocks in Vrbnik harbor - Pod Kovač.  It is right next to the breakwater (with the red signal station). A short passage through a rock leads to this beach which is insolated only during forenoon when particularly pleasant for bathing.
  • We warmly recommend you beach called Potovošće, a beautiful pebble beach in picturesque cove ca 2 km south of Vrbnik. A popular Croatian weekly „Globus“ placed this beach in the top 50 most beautiful unknown beaches of Croatian Adriatic. You can reach Potovošće by an asphalted road at the end of which is a spacy car park (parking fee is charged during summer). There is a catering establishment (drinks & fast food) on the beach. The simplest way to reach Potovošće is to go up Grohot street (an uphill street starting at the end of the central car park - minimarket „Supec“ should be on your left, and hairdresser's „Ivana“ on your right) and just keep going straight uphill. The road will take you out of Vrbnik, through olive groves, and shortly you will reach a crossroad where you should turn left and follow the road. One more possibility to reach Potovošće is to exit Vrbnik by the main road, turn left by Katunar Winery and just keep heading straight. This road is only partly asphalted but good for driving.
  • Cca 7 km north-east from Vrbnik, in village Risika, there is a very nice sand beach near Sv.Marek (St.Marcus) peninsula. 
  • 15 km from Vrbnik, in the north-east part of the island, there is a bay with medicinal mud - Soline Bay.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed on most of the above-mentioned beaches. We will gladly recommend you small beaches and coves where you can take your pets for a swim. There is also an official dog beach 2,5 km from Vrbnik in the direction Risika, near the sandy beach of St. Marek
  • There are many beautiful beaches and coves in Vrbnik area that can be reached only by sea, taxi boats can take you there. We suggest you go for a panoramic taxi boat ride and swim on the beautiful hidden beaches.

Diving - locations, courses and diving for beginners

Approximately 2 nm south from Vrbnik is cape Tenki. At 15m depth in a 10m long tunnel can be seen red gorgonians - visibility is good, currents are weak. An excellent diving-spot, suitable for all diving categories. "Vrbnik's cave", wide, 20m deep room is 100m to the right from an entrance to the port. An endemic variety of goby fish (Kolombatić) was found in the cave. On Krk and the surrounding islands, there are many great locations for diving: caves, tunnels and attractive steep cliffs and faces. In addition, there are several attractive sunken shipwrecks in the area, the closest to us is the Greek ship Peltasis in Silo. Why wouldn`t you take a PADI OWD, IAC OWD or CMAS diving course for beginners during your holiday or just try Discover Scuba Diving with 2 dives from the ship?

Daily sailing and sailing courses on Krk

Sailing is an unforgettable active vacation experience. In our offer, you will find various sailing trips such as the Sailing Experience (4 hours of sailing) and Day Sailing - all day sailing on the beautiful Salona 45 sailboat for max. 11 people. Sailing courses and a daily charter of sailboats is also possible.

Pješačenje i obilježene krčke pješačke staze

There is a number of possibilities for hiking in the immediate vicinity of Vrbnik and on the whole island of Krk. You can head towards beautiful untouched coves, visit abandoned ruins of small churches and chapels. You will enjoy the unique view on vineyards and slopy landscape, walk through olive groves, discover moving and unforgettable motifs...

Under the link Marked walking paths you can find more info about hiking and we have also prepared for you the available maps of marked walking paths of the Island of Krk that you can download in PDF or JPG format.

We will be delighted to provide You with many suggestions for hiking!

Cycling on the island of Krk

The Island of Krk has lately become a more and more popular destination for numerous cyclists. There are many possibilities for cycling on the island. Two well-marked cycling tracks can serve You as guidelines:

  • a track through the central part of the island (35 km in length, the highest point - 190m above sea level, this track does not require top shape)
  • a track through valleys and over hills of the island (62 km in length, the highest point – 260m above sea level, a more demanding track)

In our office, you can get a detailed bike map of the island of Krk. For information about bike routes, you can also use the free Krk Bike app available on Google Play and the App Store.

You can rent a bike in our Mare Tours office. Apply to us for additional information and advice.

Wakeboard & Waterski

Only 6 km from Vrbnik away in the bay of  Punat there is Wakeboard Cable Krk, where you can experience and enjoy the waterskiing and wakeboarding. In the Water Sports Centre Cable Krk, you can rent all the necessary equipment and the instructors are also available. Wakeboard Cable Krk is 650 m long, the average speed is 30 - 32 km/h, suitable for both beginners and experienced boarders. 

We have many other suggestions for Your active vacation. We will gladly form a program according to Your wishes. Please contact us with Your suggestions, initiatives, wishes!




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