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We prepared for you wide choice of excursions. You can get all additional information and tickets in our Mare Tours office. Children have discounts on the published prices (discount depends on the excursion organizer).


PANORAMIC RIDE WITH TAXI BOAT - 3 HOURS (with swimming) - price (per boat - max. 6 persons) 560 kn (75 Euro). Start from Vrbnik every day by appointment

Beautiful three - hours panoramic ride with taxi boat for max. 6 persons, along the eastern cost of the Island of Krk. There are numerous hidden, amazing beaches whrere you can have a stop for the swimming. You will see picturesque cliffs where griffons nest.

Explore this unique cost, which is partly in the protected natural area and have an experience that you will never forget!

Organizer: Apartmani Maja, Vrbnik.

PANORAMIC RIDE WITH BOAT - 4 ISLANDS INCLUDING SWIMMING - price 150 kn (20 Euro) - mondays, wednesdays and fridays from Punat at 13:30

An attractive approx. four – hour trip during which we sail along the coast of Krk Island, explore the sea views of Punat and the town of Krk, and afterwards enjoy the view of the attractive cliffs of the island of Plavnik and explore the coast of Cres Island. After refreshment, that is swimming in the breathtaking cove with the sandy beach, follows a coffe and a cake on the boat. After that short break, we will visit a small island called Kormat – a home for the largest colony of seagulls in the northern Adriatic. Together we will feed the hungry seagulls and a sight of seagulls flying above the boat is a unique experience. During our return we will show you the most beautiful beaches from Stara Baška to Punat.

The price of excursion includes: Boat ride of approx. 3 hours or approx. 4 hours (depending on the swimming season), guide service, seagull feeding, coffee and cake. Organizer: Aurea, Krk.

NIGHT FISHING - price 340 kn (46 Euro) - tuesdays and sundays from Punat at 19:00

In a hot summer night under the starry sky you will learn the old ways of fishing with the use of a fishing net called koća, which has been the way of fishermen from Krk Island since antiquity. During fishing you will be served a fish appetizer and we will make a toast with some homemade fig brandy. After that we will sort our catch together, and show you how to clean fish and from the fish we caught – fresh from the sea – we will prepare you a tasty dinner, salad and a side dish and serve it with some nice wine

The price of excursion includes: Aperitif, entree, dinner of freshly caught fish, salad, side dish, water, wine - Guide service - Fishing boat demonstration. Organizer: Aurea, Krk.

GLASSBOAT LITUS PANORAMA TRIP - price 100 kn (14 Euro) - start daily at 10:30 from Malinska

Beautiful two-hour panorama boat trip with underwater viewing - glasses 1,5 m under the sea. Starting from Malinska harbor, we sail alongside Malinska coast towards Njivice enjoying the green belt of forest stretching towards the sea, which is followed by the observation of the seabed. Docking at Njivice Harbor due to the disembarking/embarking of the new passengers who are offered rakija (local plum brandy) as a token of a welcome. After that, glassboat Litus continues sailing towards Cape Pelova for the observation of the beautiful sea flora and fauna in the shoal. Organizer: Litus, Malinska

ISLAND OF RAB + 4 ISLANDS - price 260 kn (36 Euro) - every day at 10:00 from Krk

  • Kormat - bird island
  • Rab - Kampor (swimming on sand beach)
  • Rab – Supetarska Draga – (lunch in the restaurant included in the price – or free time in the town of Rab – cca 2 hours)
  • Sv. Grgur (past prison island)
  • Biskupići – (swimming on amazingly beautiful beach)
  • panorama 4 islands. Organizer: Mali Pin, Krk

NATIONAL PARK PLITVICE LAKES - price 385 kn (52 Euro) in May, June & September & 465 kn (62 Euro) - thursdays at 8:15 from Krk

National Park Plitvička Jezera is a miracle of nature. Sixteen lakes lined one after the other in a valley between woody hills. The water flowing out numerous little rivers and rivulets connects the lakes over many roaring falls and foamy cascades. We will stroll down the four or five kilometers long trail running along the lakes and falls, including the deepest lake, Kozjak, which we will cross by boat. A ride in a panoramic train is available afterwards.

The price of excursion includes: Bus ride on the above routes, guide service, ticket to the National Park Plitvice Lakes, ride with the boat and panoramic train in the national park. Organizer: Aurea, Krk


The discover scuba diving course shows you in 2 exciting dives the amazing underwater world of the Adriatic coast, of course, in constant supervision of an experienced divemaster. Before going under water, we give you a small introduction into the things you need to know for handling the diving equipment and your first dives. Between the 1st and 2nd dive we take a 2-hours lunch break and lunch will be served on the boat. Then you can use the remaining time of the lunch break for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing.
DEPARTURE: 8:30 - RETURN: around 17:00 pm
Discover Scuba Diving course including two dives and lunch: Eur 99,- per person
Boat trip with lunch for non-divers / snorkelers: Eur 39,- per person

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