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Baška on the Island of Krk, Croatia: beaches, history, marked walking paths, sights, accommodation

Baška is the southernmost settlement on the island of Krk. It spreads along a well-known, breathtaking 2 km long pebbly beach, Vela plaža. The beach in Baška, unique scenery and accompanying diverse tourist offer are to be credited for the fact that Baška is one of the favorite resorts in Croatia. Archaeological findings reveal that the area of the municipality of Baška was inhabited during the Illyrian period, and the remains of a Roman settlement by the sea date to the 2nd century BC. The village of Baška later developed on a hill above what is today's town of Baška and remained there until the 15th century. Later the settlement developed along the coast and at one point, during the golden age of sailing ships, it even became the largest town on the island of Krk. 

Today Baška has about 1600 inhabitants, and during summer the number of guests staying in numerous apartments, holiday homes and hotels in Baška reaches about 10 000 daily. Baška shares the same turbulent history of the island of Krk, and a rich tradition in tourism is certainly a significant part of Baška's history. Tourism began developing in Baška in 1904, when Czech tourists discovered Baška and were, like its present-day visitors, enchanted by the beautiful landscape, beaches and clear waters.

The surrounding area abounds in rare and endangered plants (endemic and relict species), and the island of Krk is otherwise known for its extensive biodiversity and boasts approximately 1,300 plant species. The best way to experience the beautiful landscape and wealth of flora is by visiting one of the many walking trails surrounding Baška. We highly recommend taking a walk from Baška to the Moon, or Mjesec in Croatian (a hill above Baška), famous drywall structures called “Mrgari“ or Vela Luka and Mala Luka, which are by many considered to among the most beautiful bays and beaches on the island of Krk. Apart from the sports facilities on the beach and marked hiking trails, anyone who wants to experience an active vacation can visit the organized climbing locations in the vicinity of Baška. 

As for local landmarks, we would definitely recommend visiting St Lucy's Chapel in Jurandvor, where the famous Baška Tablet is displayed, the extremely interesting Baška Glagolitic Path, the parish Church of the Holy Trinity, the Church of St John the Baptist, and the pilgrimage Church of Our Lady of Gorica on a nearby hill. The Heritage Museum of Baška and Aquarium in the town center are also worth visiting.

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